I am currently working on two major projects that are grant-funded.

  1. Diversification strategy for small and medium-sized farms: Working with researchers from Ohio State, we have proposed “research to develop a decision-making framework for the transition from specialized commodity production systems to diversified crop and livestock production. Diversified production systems are likely to target differentiated local and regional markets where small and mid-sized farms compete more effectively, taking advantage of economies of scope. Our education component will integrate land grant and liberal arts college undergraduate students with research by graduate students and faculty, in both independent study and formal classroom teaching. The results will improve economic decision-making with respect to diversification on small and medium sized farms and contribute to their success and the health of rural communities.” For more background on the grant see the USDA Website. To keep up with our evolving research, follow our research group on Zotero.
  2. Challenging Borders: A Research and Learning Community on Mobility and Movement. We are seeking collaborators across GLCA/GLAA Institutions to build this community and platform. Join us!